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Everyone can benefit from our therapies. Sri Lankan yoga Massage it can be useful to help with every-day stress, physical fatigue and is highly recommended for most of us city folk who tend to live out of kilter with our bodies.
what your needs are, what your issues are and our therapist can then create a therapy for you combining intuitive contact, through body awareness, breathing and connecting with the moment and with your whole body in a gentle.

  • Full body Herbal oil application with a full body massage and using stress-reducing herbal oils
  • Full body massage and Stretchings which helps to relieve long distance traveling complications.
  • This is a special treatment for physical and mental relieves. It relieves deep vein thrombosis, muscular aches, ankle swelling, reduces stress and fully strengthens and rejuvenate your body mind and soul.
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Kusuma Head & shoulder Massages

Lotous Foot & Palm Massages

Surabi Back Massage

Nirvana Full Body Massage

Ayoush Yoga Massage

Natural Facial

Face Massage

Fresh Aloe Vera

Natural Herbs

* Male & Female Therapist are available

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