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Indika Prasad Biography.

Indika Prasad was born and raised in a small village of Sri Lanka, He started his passion for movement as a young child. His Sri Lankan Ancient Archery practice helped his concentration, body awareness and commitment.
He was introduced to Yoga in 2000 where you started to practice yoga. This again started to inspire a new way to move the body and focus the mind. Through the practice of meditation and continuous study of Yoga in classes, books, and videos he started to see changes within himself in body and mind as he experimented with his practices and then realized that his mind and body were capable of much more than he ever thought. He continues to grow and develop his knowledge of Yoga through practices continuing learning. He is a playful, Indika teacher who loves to share his passions with creativity and play.

Healing Yoga Therapies.

Bookings at the Ella Yoga Hub Reception/phone/ whatsapp : +94 71 86 90 837

A blend of Massage, Aromatherapy and restorative movement based on yoga postures in combination with the manipulation of the soft and connective tissues (fascia). You will enjoy the benefit of an oil massage and the eastern approach of the energy body. Very good in case of deep, chronic and serious pain. We Use traditional medicine, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbal medicine.

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