Weddings & Honeymoons in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the top Overseas Wedding destinations. Set for a traditional Sri Lankan wedding or for a simple ceremony on the Diverse locations are available and the choice is yours, Hill country in Ella locations amidst the Tea Plantation and many more.....

To do the registration & You are required to produce the following documents

* Valid Passports of the couple wishing to get married (6 months validity)
* Original Birth certificates of the couple wishing to get married
* The following documents should be certified by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (for British nationals) and legalized by the Sri Lanka High Commission, London: -
a) Singles - Unmarried certificate/s
b) Divorcees- Decree absolute certificate and Free to Marry Certificate/s
c) If widowed, the Death Certificate of your late spouse, your previous marriage certificate and Free to Marry Certificate
d) If you have changed your name, a Deed Poll (including divorcees who have reverted to their maiden names)

• Unmarried certificate / Free to Marry Certificate: - An affidavit/statutory declaration signed by a solicitor to confirm who you are and your present status (un-married/ free to marry). Separate affidavits for the period of time lived in different countries which are certified/legalized by respective Foreign Office & Sri Lankan Mission accredited to that country

• For other nationals living in the UK, the documents should be certified by their respective Diplomatic Mission in the UK and legalized by the Sri Lanka High Commission in London.

• A valid visa to travel to Sri Lanka

All documents must be in English in case of foreign nationals. You must have resided in Sri Lanka for at least four (04) days immediately prior to the date of giving notice before the registration can take place.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have married in Sri Lanka, you must get your marriage certificate certified by the Consular Affairs Section of the Ministry of External Affairs in Colombo; if the certificate issued in Sinhalese/ Tamil language you may obtain official English translation and certified that as well by the Ministry of External Affairs, only then will your marriage certificate be valid to submit to authorities outside of Sri Lanka.

Further, we can do the following arrangements to make your special day remarkable at the rate of including the registration fee ( room rates are not included in the above rate)

* The service of the wedding coordinator.
* Flower arrangement and deco for the ceremony
* Registrar
* Registration table
* Traditional oil lamp
* Traditional drummers and Dancing Group.
* Traditional chanks vessel
* Traditional wedding blessing
* Witness if required
* wedding cake for the couple
* A bottle of sparkling wine
* Candlelit dinner.
(Photos, Dressing, and any other extra arrangements can provide and additional charges will apply)
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Festivals and Celebrations in Ella

Ella is home to Three main religions, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. This means there are a lot of public holidays each year – 25 in fact! Some of these holidays are celebrations that can be enjoyed by one and all. Here is a list of Ella festivals to consider coming to the teardrop island.

Sinhala and Tamil New Year. ( Sinhala and Hindu)

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Maha Shivaratri – Festival of Shiva (Hindu)

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Vesak Poya – Festival of lights (Buddhist)

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Poson Poya Festival (Buddhist)

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Christmas (Christian)

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Deepavali / Diwali (Hindu)

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