Daily Yoga Classes

Daily Yoga Classes

Daily Yoga Classes

We offer daily classes at the yoga hut, We offer both morning and evening sessions.

  • Daily yoga in our Natural and Best Tea Plantation View offers you a haven of holistic wellness in the hills.
  • Start your a day with an energizing yoga practice, saluting the sun as you sleep in the views of surrounding ountains. Stretch your soul and connect body, mind, and breath with a variety of style Sri Lankan Yoga.
  • Book yourself an Ayurveda Yoga full body massage with our expert therapists and give your body the break it deserves.
  • As the sun starts to set, unwind your mind with a rejuvenating Restorative or Slow Flow yoga practice or book a private session with our trained resident teacher.
  • Put self-care first during your stay with us and we’ll provide you with pampering in paradise.
  • practice; we synchronize breath with movement to create a moving meditation, stretching and strengthening the body and calming the min
  • practice. Poses are held for longer working to relax muscles, stretch and stimulate the ligaments joints and bones, all towards increasing energy flow in the body.

We offer Daily Yoga Classes Morning at 7.00 am

Private classes can be arranged on request

The classes accommodate a wide range of levels and are open to anyone.

Our Sri Lankan Yoga Trainers Moving Best Outdoor Viewpoints in Ella Do Yoga Lessons Every day. Please Text us and fine the Current Sri Lankan Yoga Trainer and Locations Before Attend the Lessons +9470 19 29 292 Via Whatsapp message or Call Hot Line - +9471 86 90 837

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