Yoga Vacation in Ella Sri Lanka | Yoga Retreat and Wellness Center in Sri Lanka

Yoga Vacation in Ella Sri Lanka | Yoga Retreat and Wellness Center in Sri Lanka

Yoga Vacation in Ella Sri Lanka | Yoga Retreat and Wellness Center in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka and its Yoga Retreats are not something new for a person who is interested in Yoga. It was also ranked as the “Top Country to Travel” by Lonely Planet in 2019. While Sri Lanka is popular for its beautiful scenery around the country and the endless beaches which blend together with its finest Yoga Retreats, Ella is still a place where some people are not aware about. Sri Lanka and its relation to Yoga need not be explained. So let’s check out how Ella and Yoga come together and what Ella has to offer in terms of Yoga.

Why Ella for Yoga?

Ella is a small, laid back town surrounded by the beautiful greens of tea and with many scenic landscapes such as mountains and waterfalls. Ella is definitely one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. These spectacular landscapes have made Ella which has the best of those “ideal environments to engage in Yoga” out of the entire country. Except for the nature’s gift of natural landscapes, Ella has some of the splendid Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka that can offer you a different experience of Yoga. Ella Yoga Hub is one of those Yoga Retreats, which offers you something more than just Yoga. 

Ella Yoga Hub can be defined as a “Combination Yoga Retreat”, as it offers a variety of services that goes along with Yoga such as cookery classes, yoga massages and Ayurveda retreat. Let’s check out how a typical day at the Ella Yoga Hub works out.

1. Morning Yoga Sessions

Ella Yoga Hub starts its morning Yoga sessions at 7.00 am. The Yoga classes are conducted at the top of the hills of Ella, where you could engage in Yoga while enjoying the morning breeze and the beautiful view over the mountains. A bit of Yoga at the start of the day will fully relax your mind and help you to continue the rest of the day constructively. The trainers at Ella Yoga Hub are highly trained and qualified and are well experienced in handling Yoga classes with small crowds. The Yoga conducted at this retreat is simple that it can be easily grasped by even a person who has never engaged in Yoga before. With regular practice, you will be able to achieve increased flexibility, reduced stress and tension and mind- body balance.

2. Sri Lankan Breakfast Cuisine with Cookery Lessons

You could try out a breakfast cuisine that is unique to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s incredible cuisine stems from a liberal use of locally-grown tropical fruit, access to fresh seafood and a coveted arsenal of spices. Some of the breakfast dishes served at Ella Yoga Hub include Hoppers (known as Appa in Sinhalese), String Hoppers (known as Idiyappam in Sinhalese), Pittu, Coconut or Pol Sambol and finally the one you should not definitely miss on your voyage to Sri Lanka, Kiribath with lunu miris (also known as Milk Rice). 

You also have the opportunity of trying out a local Sri Lankan recipe with the Cookery classes conducted by Ella Yoga Hub. With the help of the experts in local cuisine you can take a chance at making one of the unique dishes to Sri Lanka on your own.

3. Meditation at the hills of Ella with the assistance of Buddhist Monks

There’s no other person in the world who knows better about Meditation than a Buddhist Monk and you are lucky enough to engage in Meditation with the assistance of them. That’s not just it, you get to meditate in the perfect environment; at the top of the hills of Ella, with the most beautiful view. That feeling cannot be put into words and can only be experienced by actually doing it. 

Even for people who have never meditated in their lives before can quickly grab this practice with the advices from the Buddhist Monks. These Buddhists Monks will advise you step by step on how to focus the mind on one particular activity or thought and achieve the best state of mind with practice.

4. Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Massages

Ella Yoga Hub provides you with the opportunity to experience the ancient art of Ayurveda. Ayurveda and Yoga are two peas in one pod that share many philosophies and practices. If you have always been interested in learning more about the art of Ayurveda, then Ella Yoga Hub is the right yoga retreat for your next Vacation in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has its own Ayurveda traditions that go back over 3000 years and which have been faithfully passed down through the ages. Engaging in an Ayurvedic Massage will create a unique experience that focuses on relaxation, stress relief and releasing of emotional blockages.

It will bring a range of benefits such as increase in daily endurance levels, toning of muscles, strengthening of vision, improvements in skin health and removal of facial wrinkles and helps for a better, deeper sleep at night.

Still not convinced? No worries, because there are a million things you can do at Ella. Take one of the most beautiful train rides from Nuwara Eliya to Ella and fall in love with the surroundings. You will probably end up staying longer than you actually planned to. There are many beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions. To name a few, the world-famous Nine Arches Bridge, which you might have probably heard of, Little Adam’s Peak, Diyaluma and Ravana Waterfalls. Check out Things to do in Ella for more fun activities. 

We hope that we have proven our point in showing you that Ella is the perfect place for you to do Yoga in Sri Lanka as well as in the whole wide world. We think that you should definitely plan your next Yoga Holiday with Ella Yoga Hub. Check out their website Ella Yoga Hub to take a look at for yourself of what we have just discussed above and to refer for more information.

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