Yoga Break in Ella Sri Lanka

Yoga Break in Ella Sri Lanka

Yoga Break in Ella Sri Lanka

What is “Yoga” anyway?

You might be one of the millions who have taken a yoga class, then even mastered the peacock pose or maybe the downward dog pose. You might do yoga for physical benefits or to rest your mind but Yoga has a lot more to offer for a deeper consciousness and higher awareness. So what is Yoga? Yoga- a spiritual development practice that trains the body and mind to self-observe and become aware of their own nature. 

Why choose “Ella in Sri Lanka” for Yoga

Ella in Sri Lanka is a small laid-back town surrounded by the beautiful greens of tea, with many scenic landscapes such as mountains and waterfalls and thousands of visitors visiting daily. These scenic landscapes has made Ella which has the best of those “ideal environments to engage in yoga” out of the entire country.

Except for the nature’s gift of natural landscapes, yoga retreats in Ella Sri Lanka offers a variety of services which is not just “yoga”. They offer a range of services from yoga classes, yoga massages and Ayurveda retreats to cookery lessons and classic car tours. Sounds amazing huh? If you paid yourself a visit to Ella Sri Lanka, you wouldn’t doubt for a second that the best yoga retreats on Earth are right here in Ella Sri Lanka.

Want to experience of all the things I just spoke about in the best way possible? Then you should visit which is not just another Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka, but a place which offers you much more than just Yoga. If you choose Ella Yoga Hub as your yoga retreat you could enjoy all of those things above and much more. Speaking of “much more things”, they offer a variety of accommodation options such as Resort accommodation with Yoga or if you want to experience something different to traditional accommodation facilities, they offer jungle camping and camp fire accommodation.

When you choose to do Yoga in Ella, it is not just yoga. In fact yoga is just one module of the “Ella Package”. There are a million of things to do when you are in Ella, let me show you some of them.

Nine Arch Bridge which is the most favourite thing about Ella of majority of its visitors, which is now a world famous bridge which is just located outside of Ella Town. This has become so popular that if you visit Sri Lanka and do not take a picture at the Nine Arch Bridge it’s like you never visited Sri Lanka. 


You could also Climb up little Adam’s Peak and enjoy the view over the valley and hike up to the top of the Ella rock if you are a person who is into bigger challenges. If you are a person who enjoys waterfalls you could get a fresh shower and a swim at the Ravana Falls and at Diyaluma Falls, which is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

Now you could clearly see that if you choose to yoga in a yoga retreat in Ella Sri Lanka, it will definitely not be just about yoga. For a perfect experience of all the things discussed above visit

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