Meditation at the Hills of Ella Sri Lanka

Meditation at the Hills of Ella Sri Lanka

Meditation at the Hills of Ella Sri Lanka

The beautiful scenery all around the country, the endless beaches, the famous tea, and the cheap prices make Sri Lanka irresistible. Sri Lanka was also ranked as the “Top Country to Travel” by Lonely Planet in the latter part of 2019. While this so little country that has so much to offer is famous for its beaches, wildlife and scenic landscapes, it is also popular for their Meditation Retreats.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a mental relaxation practice closely associated with the Buddhist philosophies. Experts say that meditation is used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and increasing inner peace, perception and well-being.

Why Sri Lanka for Meditation?

Meditation is done by focusing the mind on one particular thought or activity. In other words, the mind is trained to focus only on one factor but nothing else. Even though it may sound easy, it is not that easy when you actually try to do it. The environment around you plays a major role in achieving this state of mind. Experts believe that the scenic landscapes and the general environment of Sri Lanka make it the perfect place for meditation. Since Sri Lanka is a Buddhist-majority country, they know their way around Meditation, which gives you another reason for meditation in Sri Lanka.  

Why Ella precisely?

Ella is a small, laid back town surrounded by the beautiful greens of tea, with many scenic landscapes such as mountains and waterfalls. Ella is definitely one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. These spectacular landscapes have made Ella which has the best of those “ideal environments to meditate” out of the entire country. 

Except for the nature’s gift of natural landscapes, there are meditation retreats in Ella that assist people in meditating and offer you a different experience of meditation. Ella Yoga Hub is one of those meditation retreats, which offers you something more than just meditation. If you are also a person into Yoga, then there couldn’t be a more perfect place for you than this, well more on that later. We’ll dig into what can you do at Ella Yoga Hub in terms of meditation.

1.    Meditation at the hills of Ella with the assistance of Buddhist Monks

There’s no other person in the world who knows better about Meditation than a Buddhist Monk and you are lucky enough to engage in Meditation with the assistance of them. That’s not just it, you get to meditate in the perfect environment; at the top of the hills of Ella, with the most beautiful view. That feeling cannot be put into words and can only be experienced by actually doing it. 

Even for people who have never meditated in their lives before can quickly grab this practice with the advices from the Buddhist Monks. These Buddhists Monks will advise you step by step on how to focus the mind on one particular activity or thought and achieve the best state of mind with practice.

2.    Learn more on Buddhism and a chance to get a Holy Thread

As mentioned earlier, Buddhism and Mediation is closely related and is based on the philosophies and beliefs of the Buddhist culture. You have the chance of learning more about the rich history of Buddhism, its philosophies and beliefs, which will be much helpful for you in your meditation. 

You also have the opportunity of receiving blessing from these monks in a form of a “thread”, which sure does sound amazing. A holy thread is a string that is chanted over by the monks and tied around your wrist just like a wristband. Buddhists believe that the blessings from the monks are in this thread and those blessings will always be upon yourself as long as you have it around on your hand. This will definitely be something interesting for you to try out.

3.    A visit to a Buddhist Temple and an evening chanting

You also have the opportunity of visiting a Buddhist temple in Ella. There’s a lot to learn from a Buddhist temple regarding Buddhism and meditation. There are also some unique things that can only be viewed at a Buddhist temple such as the Stupas and Bo Trees. If you happen to visit one of these temples in the evening, you will get a chance to join an evening chanting. 

This is the process where the Buddhists pray to their God, the Lord Buddha in the evening hours at Temples. It will be really interesting as this is something that is not followed in American and European Countries. This will also be a great place for you to talk to some locals, understand their way of living and culture and might even be able to pick some great tips on meditating from some of the experts. 

4.    Buy English-written Books on Buddhism and Meditation

There will be number of shops where you could purchase books written on Buddhism, Meditation and the history and culture of Sri Lanka. Even though the concepts and practices included in these books are from the ancient Buddhist history, it is written in simple English, so you won’t have any issues of understandability. Obviously meditation is not something that you can pick up in a day or two. With the help of these books you can practice it with different techniques at your leisure.

5.    Something more than just Meditation

As said earlier, Ella Yoga Hub has much more to offer than just meditation. If you are a person into Yoga, then they are the experts in it. Also yoga goes hand-in-hand with meditation as both of them are mental relaxation exercises or practices.

In addition to Yoga and Meditation, there are various other things that you can engage in such as cookery classes, yoga massages, cycling and even classic car tours. Ella has many tourist attractions as well, such as the famous Nine Arches Bridge, the Little Adam’s Peak and Ravana falls which you could visit.

We hope that now it is clear to you as why Ella Sri Lanka is the perfect place for you to try out some meditating and is definitely one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka even if you are not interested in Meditating. We also hope that we’ve made our point clear that Ella Yoga Hub is not just another Meditation Retreat and has much more to offer you. 

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