The ancient healing powers of Ayurvedha regarded almost sacred in the East, is preserved in its original form in Sri Lanka. Wherever you travel on the island, you can always find an Ayurvedha and yoga discover the curative powers of Ayurvedic remedies and meditative powers of yoga. If you want to get serious about Ayurvedha medicine for physical ailments and for a complete detoxifying experience, with Ella yoha Hub . These retreats are specifically designed to give you a holistic Ayurvedha treatment. You might want to stay at least 7 days in order to experience Ayurvedha remedies to their full potential – therapies such as Panchakarma, a Sri Lankan Ayurvedha purifying treatment that eliminates toxins and waste from the body need to be completed in five stages.

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Sri Lanka has its own Ayurvedha traditions that go back over 3,000 years and which have been faithfully passed down through the ages. Dating back to the age when kings ruled the lands, these holistic healing practices have been perfected over the centuries, with different techniques and therapies that utilise natural balms and oils in order to cure individual ailments.
The core concept of Ayurvedha is based upon the interconnections between the mind, body, soul and what is known as the “Panchamahabhuta”; five elements that make up the universe namely earth, fire, water, air and space. The combination of all these elements and energies result in bio-energetic forces that are called “Doshas” which are threefold; “Pitta”, “Vata” or “Kapha”. One of the key concepts of Ayurvedha is to try redress the balance of one’s dosha to bring about complete holistic wellbeing.

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Ella Yoga Hub Yoga and Healthy Traditional Breakfast.

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Yoga and Healthy Traditional Breakfast.

  • Ella yoga Hub , there are many classifications for food and beverages –depending on taste- properties, depending on the body’s ability to digest and metabolize food, beneficial in specific disease conditions, depending on seasons to consume specific food etc. As we consider all these aspect at the same time, a conscious attempt is made to include all tastes in every meal - in specific combinations for each individual.
  • The food is considered as the Prana (life sustaining energy) for human beings, that is why you should eat every meal consciously experiencing the aroma-taste -its pleasant warmth and mouth watering sensations.
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